The Dr.’s are hiding from the CDC

The answer I am asked time and time again…why is it so hard to get diagnosed, even more why is it so hard to get treated?

Doctors that are considered Lyme Literate risk losing their state license to practice if they advertise this information. How to find a Lyme Literate Dr.

I am still on the search. I am currently seeing Dr. Salvato in Houston Texas. I believe she is considered a LL Dr. She diagnosed me and I began 6 weeks of antibiotics, which I continue to read is a HUGE NO NO.

I know I need to be doing natural therapies however, I don’t know who to trust anymore or where to spend my money. I have already seen most of my funds down the drain to this.

The worst part is most people like myself, end up losing their jobs over the fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, etc. After that it makes paying for treatment nearly impossible.

I am completely lost right now even with my diagnosis but I am trying to record some of my story even though my thoughts are jumbled and my motivation is low. My diet and positivity has helped me more than anything so far. People can cure themselves from cancer. I can cure this, or at least find a way to continue to have JOY in my life, despite these chaellenges.


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